Piano Key Art

I’m Emerson Torrey and this page features my original artwork. Although not an accomplished piano player, I have owned several of these incredible instruments over the years, and once, when rebuilding a grand piano, I looked at the keyboard and imagined it being transformed into art.  

Music brings us together, and pianos often become part of a family, a home. They frequently pass from one generation to the next, woven into our memories of growing up and tradition. For those reasons, many of us develop strong emotional attachments to these pieces. But sadly, because of space constraints and cost of upkeep, keeping a piano becomes challenging. By transforming these beautiful instruments into a work of art, they become preserved memories which can complement any interior space. 

 If you are interested in purchasing my work, or if  you would like a piece created from your own piano, please email me at info@satellitestudios.net

 Thank you, and please visit again, as additional pieces will be posted as completed.

 - Emerson

This work is called C minor 9 because it plays a c minor 9 chord.

This one is also on a black background with a gloss finish.

This work is mounted on a black background. 47” X 16”.

This one is from an old upright player piano. the keys on this are 18” long.